Website Redesign Considerations

Considerations when redesigning your website.

Every website needs to be redesigned at some point. Whether it’s a minor redesign, to simply freshen up a well-built but aging site (Which doesn’t take too long these days), or a full-on ground-up rebuild (Which takes a little longer to do it right), website redesign is an absolute necessity. There are many reasons why […]

Happy Birthday WordPress, 20 Today!

Happy birthday, WordPress, 20 years old today!

The team here at Clever Marketing just wanted to say Happy Birthday, WordPress. It’s amazing to think that it’s been a whole two decades since WordPress launched and how it’s evolved and stabilised over that time has been truly incredible. My own recollections of downloading and installing WordPress in 2003 are very different from how […]

The Many Benefits of Interactive Digital Brochures

Interactive digital brochure - Mercedes-Benz

Digital brochures are a digitised form of traditional print brochures. They can be used to create brand awareness as well as showcasing products and services. There are a great many benefits to digital brochures such as their interactivity, lead capture and measurement capabilities plus their ease of updates. Here are just a few of the […]

Attention to Detail: Crucial for Design & Digital Marketing

Attention to detail is vital in design and digital marketing.

Our design and digital marketing agency has been in business for about 15 years now, and our core team members have even greater experience in the industry. We have graphic designers each with over 30 years in the studio, print design experience dating back over 30 years, and digital skills like SEO, technical SEO, and […]

Why Our Digital Agency Uses WordPress

Why our digital agency uses WordPress.

WordPress is a popular platform for building websites. Depending on where you source your data, estimates indicate that there are between 64 million and 455 million websites built on WordPress. Whichever of those wildly varying figures you believe, that’s still an incredible number of sites relying on the WordPress platform to serve their audiences. Furthermore, […]

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