5 Steps to Refresh Your Website and Stay Ahead in 2024

5 steps to refresh your website and stay ahead in 2024

Spring is in the air and whilst most people think of spring cleaning their homes, we’re thinking about what’s closest to our hearts as a digital agency – spring cleaning websites. Just like in the analogue world, digital is no different, and websites always need a tidy up. Redesigning a website may not be immediately […]

Digital Brochures Reduce Carbon for ESG and B Corps

Reduce carbon with digital brochures for ESG and B Corps.

Talking with one of our clients this week we were delighted to discuss their commitment to reduce carbon with digital brochures. Being an incredibly traditional business (Over 250 years old), they’d always used printed brochures, and with great success. However, their new leadership team are now modernising the firm. The reasoning behind their increasing transition […]

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Review

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Review

When was the last time you conducted a digital marketing review for your business? Last year? Back in 2022? Never? If you’ve not looked at your digital marketing landscape for a while, then it’s time to conduct a digital marketing review. You’ll be glad you did… What is a Digital Marketing Review? A digital marketing […]

How Our Agency Develops Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How we do SEO

As a digital marketing agency serving clients in nearby Berkshire, Hampshire, and Surrey, we’re regularly contacted by local businesses looking for our services. The calls are usually from business owners who have used the search engines to find a digital marketing agency near me, an SEO agency in Hampshire, or terms around website redesign services. The […]

Here Comes the Google Helpful Content Update

Google Useful Content Update

Google has announced its latest “helpful content update” which will help articles written by humans for humans rank better than content developed purely to trick the search engines…

Getting Your Business Noticed Online

Getting your business noticed online.

As a full-service marketing agency we’re going to talk about getting your business noticed from a digital perspective. That means all the online tactics and digital strategies… Organic Listings When you first build your website, getting indexed and ranked in the search engines is essential. After all, if you’re not in the search engines, how […]

5 Good Reasons to Maintain Your Marketing Budget

Five good reasons to maintain your marketing budget.

  Whenever there’s talk about an economic downturn, or even a recession, the commercial conversations usually turn the subject of marketing and, more specifically, speculation about reducing marketing spend.     It happened during the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and again during the time of the worldwide COVID pandemic starting in 2020. Business owners considered […]

Marketing Automation – The Pathway to Success?

Drive more sales with a chatbot

So… full disclosure, I’m a man of a certain age now and I’ll reluctantly admit to being a little less open to new ideas than I was when I first entered the world of marketing 25 years ago. That being said though unlike many “men of a certain age” I am willing to listen when people can give […]

The Fall and Rise of Direct Mail 

Time to Go Full Digital

For those of us old enough to remember what the world was like before the rise of the internet, we may have thought we’d seen the last of direct mail as a marketing medium, but it would appear that we may have been wrong in that assumption. Innovations such as QR & AR have breathed new life into direct mail as a communication […]