Case Study for PPC

Drive product awareness

Create engaging landing pages

Lead generation

Target specific B2B audiences


LG is a world class brand with a well earn reputation of affordable top-quality electronic devices and equipment, and they approached Clever Marketing to assist them in increasing the product awareness of an specific solution for Digital Signage in the UK. LG wanted to focus on certain industries and needs where their products are highly suitable with two objectives: Drive greater product awareness ​Generate leads across key ranges Our brief was to increase visibility of and drive leads for the LG Digital Signage solutions through a managed PPC campaign designed to showcase the features and benefits of LG products and their versatility in various uses and environments.

We started using Clever Marketing in June 2018, after being let down by other digital agencies. Clever Marketing recommended we made changes to our website to help with the User eXperience (UX). They also optimised our website for better SEO. They now manage our digital marketing, both SEO and PPC campaigns. I am pleased to say we have had more enquiries than ever before. I would without hesitation recommend Clever Marketing. Speak to Brian Woodcock the MD.



The major challenge of this project was to identify the keywords and the decision drivers in order to put together the needs and the solutions focused on business solutions and avoiding consumer traffic. In order to do this, Clever Marketing undertook a market and competitor research to find potential opportunities based on specific search criteria using the traffic estimation tools. Result of the investigation we built Build a granular campaign structure on Google Ads Develop responsive landing pages Integration with their CRM systems Use of tracking tools to generate heatmaps and track interactions.


As with all Clever Marketing campaigns we use the gathered data to constantly optimize the keywords, ads and landing pages to increase the Quality Scores, conversion rates and drive results with an optimum CPA.

Results have varied greatly between the different industries and solutions, as a direct result of how distinct each one is. Across the board we have gathered valuable data to inform ongoing campaigns and implement continuous improvements, delivering a great number of leads to the sales team and increasing the product awareness in thousands of potential customers to nurture in future campaigns.


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