SEO Case Study

Fresh start with only “white hat” SEO

Improved visibility in organic search (up 100% within 2 months)

Increased organic traffic (up 80% in just 6 months)

Accurate tracking of website conversions


Adveco was looking for a new digital marketing agency to take it to the next level and improve awareness of its engineering products, chiefly bespoke hot water and heating systems for commercial projects. Initially, they wanted to see what our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills could achieve before embarking upon additional Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, with custom landing pages and eventually a new website solution including ecommerce.

We have been working with Clever for almost a year now, to drive SEO and to provide new digital collateral. As part of that process, we undertook a project to completely review our digital marketing needs and create a new website that would deliver improved customer experience and strengthen our brand in the marketplace. The advice and development support has been excellent, the team are always responsive and have delivered a large-scale project to budget and within agreed timeframes. We are very excited to be working with the team at Clever to further develop our digital tools to better inform and serve our customers.

Marketing Manager | ADVECO


Focusing purely on the SEO aspect of the project, Clever Marketing worked with Adveco’s website to improve the overall performance.

We conducted an in-depth technical SEO analysis and worked swiftly to identify and resolve issues with title tags, meta descriptions, internal links etc.

Our digital agency worked on a regular basis, analysing the site, its performance, ranking etc. and removed some of their former marketing agency’s techniques that were not getting results, fixing broken tools and giving the business a more accurate understanding of its digital presence.

Adveco organic traffic increased through SEO.
Adveco landing page design.


Immediately, the Adveco website health improved, they started to get far greater visibility in search, more than doubling their impressions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) within the first few weeks. As a result, the website started to achieve solid rankings and attract more relevant, quality traffic.

We focused on raising the profile of certain products and services, gaining organic ranking and traffic, up 80% within 6 months. Then, as the landscape and environmental legislation changed, pivoted swiftly to re-focus on driving the visibility of new and alternative products and services.


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