The Many Benefits of Interactive Digital Brochures

Digital brochures are a digitised form of traditional print brochures. They can be used to create brand awareness as well as showcasing products and services.

There are a great many benefits to digital brochures such as their interactivity, lead capture and measurement capabilities plus their ease of updates.

Here are just a few of the benefits of interactive digital brochures

Not Just Brochures but Digital Brochures.

Traditionally designed and printed brochures are fantastic. There’s something very special about the brochures our graphic designers produce, and our clients are always very happy with them.

The biggest impact of our brochures is their “presence” – the wow factor when they’re seen, slipped out of an envelope, or handled for the first time; that tactile first touch as a beautifully finished, perfectly-weighted full-colour brochure opens in front of a reader…

And if you digitise that experience?

Already-beautiful brochure design really comes to life when it has been digitised.

Our agency is well known for SEO, PPC, and website designs, and at the heart of all these digital skills is our talented design team, with traditional print prowess as well as digital design expertise.

So you know you’re in safe hands with Clever Marketing.

Easily Update Your Digital Brochures at any Time.

Once a traditional brochure is printed, that’s it – there are no more edits.

However, with a digital brochure, you can have the content updated at any time – whether that’s the latest figures for a financial report, new investor relations information for a corporate annual report, or a new line of products for an IT distributor.

Digital brochures can be updated and expanded upon with absolute ease; slipping in a new page, image, text edits, and so on.

Digital Brochures are Easy to Share

Whilst a print brochure still has many merits, digital brochures are easier to share and more efficient to distribute than the usual process of printing, collating, mail-merging, and physical posting.

Once your digital brochure has been created, you can add a link in your email signature, email the links direct to interested potential customers, or simply create links from your website.

If you did want to benefit form “the best of both worlds” you can link from real-world locations to your digital brochures using QR Codes.


Printed brochures are static whilst digital brochures can include numerous additional features such as:

  • Animations – make a simple bar chart come to life with subtle animation.
  • Videos – How about a message from the Managing Director, or the latest product reel?
  • Contact forms – Once you’ve shown off your report, services, or other information, get your readers to get in touch via a built-in contact form.
  • Measurement – Embed Google Analytics into your brochure, and measure how readers engage.

Engaging & Interactive.

As mentioned above, a digital brochure can captivate viewers through animation and videos. Once you’ve got their attention, those interactive forms will allow them to get in touch directly, something you don’t have the luxury of in a printed flyer.

Alternatively, you can add Calls To Action (CTAs) as you would on a regular website, by adding buttons with clear instructions: Find out more about the new range, sign up now, apply for membership, etc.

Cross-device compatible.

Digital brochures can be viewed on desktop and mobile.


Here are just a couple of examples, and we have many more, so do ask to see our full portfolio.

Adveco Education

Digital brochure how schools can achieve net zero by 2050
Adveco Education Brochure

Kingswood Weddings

Browse the wedding venue brochure for the Kingswood Golf Club.
Kingswood Wedding Brochure

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