Web Design Trends. 2017 is an exciting time for the web industry with technology and customer needs moving at pace. Of course, the digital landscape is continually changing so we all need to evolve with it to ensure we remain ahead of the curve. With this in mind, we take a look at the top five web design trends we think you should be looking out for in 2017.

1. Content remains significant

Focusing on content is nothing new, after all, the old adage that content is king is still true. Content is an essential part of the marketing mix and your content marketing strategy enables your company to show they are experts in their field but more importantly drive web traffic. While social sharing, sign-ups and pop-ups remain a key way to drive leads, content will continue to be significant.

2. Animation will have greater importance

Similarly, animation is being used more regularly on websites these days. It’s of particular importance when there’s a need to show meaningful content or demonstrate how to do something. Video is a great way to communicate and it’s easily shareable across platforms such as YouTube. GIFs are also becoming more sophisticated so we anticipate an increase in these over the coming months also. However, don’t overuse GIFs: they are good up to a point but we don’t want to go back to the crazy GIFs of the late 1990s!

3. Less emphasis on home pages

With content becoming more refined and ultimately more shareable, it’s likely we’ll see a rise in landing page design. Of course, all websites need a home page but there is a need to provide visitors with pages that are more targeted and best meet their search query. Content marketing is a great way to drive traffic to a website with tailored pages created to increase those conversions, feeding your social media output.

4. Simplified navigation

With so many users accessing web content via mobile and smartphones, there’s a need for navigation techniques that provide a good user experience (UX). Gone are the days of complicated navigation with the majority simplifying their content. Keeping navigation to a minimum also helps put the focus back on content, relevant to the visitor’s needs.

5. Trends in creativity

Creativity is all about showing a brand’s personality and more imaginative techniques may result in the end of flat designs. Shapes, lines and patterns certainly took off last year and it’s likely we’ll see this trend continue in 2017. Equally, basic heading styles are being replaced with more innovative options like overlapping text and images or bold typography. More experimentation is taking place and some are even going back to basics with simple, straightforward text. There’s also been an increase in illustrations and hand-drawn elements such as icons, fonts and graphics. Again this is bringing a unique look and feel to website content.

With the industry changing at such a quick pace, we cannot wait to see these (and other) web trends develop over the course of 2017. If you’d like to speak to someone about your website design, please contact Paul Mackenzie Ross at Clever Marketing on 020 3146 4341 or feel free to fill in our contact form.

Earlier this year Clever Marketing moved from our long-term home in Farnborough, Hampshire, to new offices just a few miles up the road and over the county border, in Woking, Surrey. We’d been headquartered in Farnborough, the home of British aviation, for over a decade so this was a new experience for us all.

Our new offices are now in the local landmark Export House, the former BAT building, once the headquarters of British American Tobacco. Export House is a buzzing hub of local small businesses. Our building is the tallest in Woking and the fifth highest in Surrey. It even has its own Wikipedia page.

But we’re not the only new residents of the prominent Woking office block. Walking into our reception area, one of the first things our clients notice is the huge TV screen streaming 24-hour news and live feeds from CCTV cameras around our building. However, they are not just any ordinary CCTV feeds; one relays the activity from the nesting box of a pair of Peregrine Falcons.

Yes, we share our HQ with the famous Woking Peregrines. That’s no idle boast either because the breeding birds are indeed very well-known. They have their own twitter feed and hashtag #WokingPeregrines and a website, The Woking Peregrine Project. What’s more, they’ve even featured on ITV News!

And it is no accident that the breeding pair are under the watchful gaze of the security cams – Peregrines are a protected species, benefiting from the highest level of protection under the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act. Even disturbing the birds can result in hefty fines or even a prison sentence.

With such status, it is no wonder the Woking Peregrines are so keenly observed and they are monitored through cameras installed in their specially-built nest box, 15 floors up in Export House, Woking town centre.

The Woking Peregrines started laying eggs at the end of March and by the beginning of April had a clutch of five. The mother and father now take turns in keeping their brood warm and the eggs are expected to hatch sometime after Easter.

We’re all keen to see the chicks hatch and the fledgelings will take a further few weeks before they finally leave their nest, so it will be May or June by the time we see them take flight.

So watch out, pigeons, there could be as many as 7 new raptors in town, that’ll be the Woking Peregrines.

For all the latest updates, see the fabulous Falcons on, er… Twitter… @WokingPeregrine

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