5 Reasons Why LinkedIn is Your Secret B2B Marketing Weapon

When I say social media, what do you think of? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook? Maybe even Vine and YouTube? You probably don’t think about LinkedIn. Traditionally a platform for Silicon Valley professionals, in the past it has been used for recruitment and self-promotion rather than any kind of brand marketing.

How Important Are Personalisation and Localisation for your Business?

How Important Are Personalisation And Localisation For Your Business?

According to E-consultancy, while 94% of companies can see the value of personalised marketing, less than half of companies are putting it into practice. Which half do you fall into – those reaping the rewards of personalised marketing, such as loyal customers and improved brand image, or those late to the party, wondering why their customers […]

How to Streamline Your Print Marketing

A print marketing campaign can be difficult to control, as it is essentially a sum of moving points coming together to (hopefully) form a cohesive ad or direct marketing piece.

New Year, New Marketing: How to Kick Start your Marketing in 2015

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time both to reflect on the previous 12 months and to think about what can be improved upon in those to come. While 2014 was the year that responsive design continued to dominate and social media ads became increasingly important, 2015 looks set to be even […]